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Aquatic Plant Management

Plant Removal & Management
Plant Removal & Management
Plant Removal & Management
Plant Removal & Management

Chemical Free Plant Removal & Management

At Pristine Pond Solutions, we have a profound comprehension of what makes for solid, appropriate vegetation levels in any pond or lake. We realize that each waterway has its own one of a kind natural factors that lead to various sorts of amphibian plant strength and expansion.


When we recognize the appropriate system for treating your pond or lake, we can then carry out an arrangement to free it of destructive vegetation. We'll direct you along each progression of the cycle to guarantee you get the most savvy and helpful outcomes possible.  Pristine Pond Solutions can eliminate aquatic plants without harmful chemicals.


Our T50 is the most powerful machine in the T-Series, equipped with a 50 HP diesel engine that meets the highest environmental class standards EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4. The powerful engine and a new hydraulic system guarantees the highest levels of performance and operational reliability for your job. The T50 easily operates in demanding environments with power-demanding tools.  The ability to work with the machine at low rpm reduces both fuel consumption and noise level. We have invested in the very best equipment available so that we can work

efficiently for our customers.  


Assuming that you're worried about utilizing herbicides and need same day results, we have the solution just for you.

Our amphibious tool carrier can cut, rake, and eliminate your aquatic weeds and trash, leaving you with water that is in pristine condition and allowing you, the owner, to easily maintain going forward.

Safe Herbicide Management

At Pristine Pond Solutions we make the safety of our workers and customers our number one priority. This is why we only utilize safe, EPA approved aquatic herbicides in our vegetation management plans. Our dual-threat approach with the T50s and herbicides allows us to use fewer chemicals and provide real, long term SOLUTIONS for clients that are more cost effective than either technique alone. 


Aquatic herbicides are an effective tool for killing many species of aquatic vegetation but after treatment, the plant will die and decay in the water. The bacterial breakdown process will then leave behind nutrients that fuel the growth of more plants, leaving many pond and lake owners stuck in a continuous cycle of breakdown and regrowth. By utilizing our T50s we are able to follow up herbicide treatments with mechanical harvesting that removes the dead and decaying plants from the system, reducing the amount of nutrients available for other plants to grow.


We are also able to provide immediate relief for ponds that have excessive weed growth. In these situations treating with aquatic herbicides can be risky, as the decaying plant material can cause fish kills. Our T50s allow us to immediately reduce the quantity of aquatic vegetation in the system and reduce the likely hood of a fish kill occurring. 


Our unique dynamic between safe aquatic herbicides, applied by trained and licensed applicators, and our T50s allows us to be more versatile and give pond and lake owners the solutions they are looking for in every situation.

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