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Fountains / Aeration

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Fountains and Aeration


Fountains provide an attractive and visually pleasing display, adding aesthetic value to your pond or lake. The tranquil sound of the water cascading through the air also serves another purpose - oxygenation for fish! As the water is propelled into the air, it bonds with oxygen from the atmosphere, which then falls back into the water. This process of oxygenation, coupled with the disturbance of the surface of the water, not only makes for a stunning sight but also helps to ensure the health and wellbeing of your fish.

Bottom Diffused Aeration

Bottom diffused aeration is an effective way to keep your pond or lake healthy and functioning optimally. The process involves pumping compressed air through diffuser heads located at the bottom of the water body, which helps circulate the water. Benefits of aeration include:


  • Prevents Pond Turnovers

  • Improves Water Quality for Fish

  • Helps Prevent Fish Kills

  • Promotes Growth of Beneficial Bacteria

  • Improves Nutrient Cycling

  • Regulates Pond Temperature

  • Increases Fish Carrying Capacity

  • Reduces Algae Blooms

  • Helps Prevent Cyanobacteria and Harmful Algae Blooms

By implementing an aeration system in your pond, you can enjoy improved water quality, increased fish populations, and a healthier pond overall!

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