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Dredging / Sediment Removal

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Dredging /Sediment Removal /Dewatering


On many properties, from private residences to public golf courses, a pond can represent a beautiful focal point. However, if a pond isn’t kept clean and healthy, then its aquatic life, as well as the creatures and plants that live near it, will pay the price.

Because ponds are often fed by other sources of moving water such as rivers and streams, they can form the end collection point for sediment, silt and other environmentally harmful materials. Over time, sedimentation or the accumulation of unwanted debris can pose a threat to both the aquatic life and plant life in and around a pond. That’s why, to protect a pond’s water quality, the process of removing sediment deposits with a pond suction dredge is an ideal way to clean the pond while maintaining the health of the water and the various life forms it supports.

Pristine Pond Solutions utilizes a Truxor T-50 amphibious tool carrier with multiple attachments. The dredge pump we use pumps 450 gallons per minute with an augur that churns up muck and removes it from your pond.

The advantage of the Truxor and Duro pump combination is that we can dredge in tight spaces and shallow water. 

This allows us to access small ponds, smaller waterways and around structures and docks that bigger machines would not be able to reach.

Pristine Pond Solutions Dredging In Action

Pristine Pond Solutions Dredging In Action

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