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Fisheries Management


Fisheries Management

At Pristine Pond Solutions, we value forming relationships with our customers and we know that making memories is an invaluable part of owning a lake. That is why our biologists hold themselves to the highest standards when managing your fishery and are armed with the best equipment available.

Electrofishing Surveys

We utilize state-of-the-art Smith-Root electrofishing equipment to provide the best electrofishing surveys to our clients. Our new 2023 APEX electrofishing control box allows for enhanced data tracking, dual output, and the widest range of electrical output, making it safe for fish in any water body. We follow our surveys with high-quality data reporting, recommendations, and future management strategies to help make your dreams a reality. 


We also provide removal of problematic fish, fish stocking services, fish feeders, habitat enhancement, and any other fisheries service you might need! Check out our fish stocking page for more information on commonly stocked species and their role in ponds.


Let Pristine Pond Solutions assist you with your fisheries needs!

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