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Pristine Pond Solutions is an Aquatic Vegetation Removal and Lake Management Company. We use state of the art amphibious equipment and safe EPA approved aquatic herbicides to clean and maintain waterways in an Eco-Friendly way. We also provide fisheries management and water quality diagnostics to private pond and lake owners.

pristine pond solutions

Pristine Pond Solutions utilizes state of the art equipment to remove unwanted vegetation and sediment and manage fisheries. We are ready to guide you through the entire pond restoration process from planning to successful completion. We provide plant management/chemical-free weed removal, plant management with safe EPA approved aquatic herbicides, dredging/sediment removal, fisheries management, water quality diagnostics, dewatering and a variety of other services critical for lake, pond, and waterway cleaning. We are proud of the equipment we have invested in, as it is the very best available on the market! 

Amped Enviromental Solutions is now a Proud sponsor of Pristine Pond Solutions! 


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Fisheries Management
Water Quality/Pond Clearing
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Fountains / Aeration
Fish Stocking

Markets We Serve


pristine pond solutions
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We provide pond dredging and lake dredging services throughout the state of Louisiana and beyond.

Pristine Pond Solutions works with Home Owner Associations to provide solutions to their retention ponds - whether it be vegetation or sediment issues. We can also provide fountains / aeration. 

We can provide golf courses with vegetation management and also sediment removal.

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We work to help municipalities keep their waterways clean and clear. 

We can provide dredging & dewatering for wastewater treatment facilities.

We provide services to industrial clients such as chemical plants / refineries to help with retention ponds and treatment ponds. With safety always being our #1 priority!

We provide exceptional pond dredging and lake dredging services throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

"I'd Highly Recommend! They Left The Shoreline In Perfect Condition & The Lake Is Nice and Deep Now!

"I tried for two years trying to find somebody to come and dredge my lake without tearing up the landscape, without draining the lake, without taking all the fish out - and I finally found Dustin. And he did a GREAT job.


I’d highly recommend them, they did a great job, left the shoreline in perfect condition and the lake is nice and deep now!"

- Randal E., Douglasville, GA

Another Satisfied Client! 


About Pristine Pond Solutions

Our machines are Truxor T50s with 881 pounds of lifting power and leaves a very light footprint on the surrounding areas. We have multiple attachments for different types of vegetation. We take pride in always having well maintained equipment that is 100% in serviceable condition. Pristine Pond Solutions has invested in the best equipment available on the market, so that we can be efficient for our customers. 


The T50 is the most powerful machine in the T-Series, equipped with a 50 HP diesel engine that meets the highest environmental class standards EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4. The powerful engine and a new hydraulic system guarantees the highest levels of performance and operational reliability for your job. The T50 easily operates in demanding environments with power-demanding tools.  The ability to work with the machine at low rpm reduces both fuel consumption and noise level.

If you need pond / lake service or maintenance with new, state-of-the-art equipment - let Pristine Pond Solutions help!

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Ponds, Lakes & More!

No job is too big or too small! Public/private ponds & lakes, HOA's, municipalities, golf courses, and more! 

Our Commitment

Pristine Pond Solutions is committed to delivering high quality pond or lake service to public and private lakes across the southeast United States.

Based in South Louisiana, no job is too big or too small. We pride ourselves in assisting with fast, reliable, high-quality and friendly service! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Pristine Pond Solutions will get the job done efficiently and with the highest attention to detail to ensure maximum job satisfaction!

The Pristine Pond Solutions Difference









NO Damage

Immediate Results



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Sediment Management Solutions

Pristine Pond Solutions will provide to you with the most ideal pond dredging, sediment removal solutions for your project at a reasonable cost.


Using the T-50 with duro-pump allows us to remove years of sediment,  and muck. Rather than affecting the ecosystem of the pond or lake in a negative manner, the removal of muck often brings life back to the lake because it eliminates the build-up of waste, and harmful bacteria and gases.

We will come up with a plan to ensure we meet all goals and objectives of your project. Schedule a call today and we will be happy to provide all details about how we can be your solution for you!

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Our NEW T-50 just got here from Sweden!

This is our 2nd unit in our Pristine Pond Solutions Fleet!


Customer Testimonials

Highly recommend this guy. Very professional. Top-notch service

Rodney Parlow

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